The only limit in our lives is the limit of our own imagination

Peg Papanek

Hi, my name is Peg Papanek. Over the years I’ve been known as a horse trainer, musician, motorcycle rider, healer, astrologer, hypnotherapist, Massage and Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Dowser, Akashic Record Reader and Energy Alchemist… and having the ability to deliberately manifest all that I have needed to create a wide variety of life experiences.

Not long after attending college for computer science in my early twenties, I began studying various healing and life transformational practices – a process that still continues – and trained in subjects as diverse as astrology and Chinese herbal medicine.

For six years, I was mentored by an advanced Feng Shui Master, Dowser and Life Coach helping me gain a unique perspective on how the energy of our living environment affects our personal life and the ability to achieve what we desire. Additionally, I have participated in online classes with world-renowned Feng Shui Master Karen Kingston.

I studied Deep Memory Process, an experiential form of past life regression, with Oxford University trained psychologist Dr. Roger Woolger and his chief assistant Evolutionary Astrologist, Patricia Walsh.

The Akashic Record training I have completed allows me to easily tap into and receive Soul level guidance. The information received comes from the “Akashic” energy field, a field of Universal energy which contains information on everything from the past, present and future.

Raymon Grace taught me how to transform energy, or energy alchemy as I like to call it, through the use of pendulum dowsing. I have also studied “Spiritual Dowsing” with Joey Korn. Spiritual Dowsing has a strong focus on using blessings to correct all types of detrimental and “interference” energies.

Additionally, I have received foundational and advanced training with Dr. Robert Gilbert in BioGeomety®, a science that deals with the Energy of shape, color, orientation, and sound to create a vibrational quality used to balance various types of energy fields. I’ve had the pleasure of attending BoioGeometry® Special Topics lectures with its founder, Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, an Egyptian Architect and Research Scientist.

Like Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gwain, Raymon Grace and self-help pioneer Louise Hay, I too am a Silva Method graduate, graduating at the age of 19. Over the years I have continued developing the power of my mind and expanding my state of awareness and consciousness through self education, meditation, and various workshops including study with Dr. Joe Dispenza, who was featured in the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know”.

For fourteen years I applied all of my knowledge to help others in my highly successful private practice, Soul Centered Therapy. I educated people about the power of their own minds, healing, and helped them to develop ways in which they could feel empowered and in control of their destinies.

While in private practice, I successfully assisted thousands of people. During this time, the Luna Feng Shui program began to take form. In 2008, I realized that it was time for me to reach a much larger audience with what I had learned through the years and eventually closed my private practice. As a result of my commitment to assisting a greater number of people, the online Luna Feng Shui program was born.

Of course, my passion for learning never ends. I am interested and continually educating myself in quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and all forms of energy alchemy – anything that has to do with achieving a higher state of consciousness, expanded awareness, transforming energy, altering reality, self-mastery, and personal empowerment. I believe that we all hold the power behind the fulfillment of our dreams, desires, and the reality we experience.

With what I’ve learned, and through the use of the Luna Feng Shui program, I guide people just like you in learning how to achieve a higher level of awareness, self-empowerment, and success. I am looking forward to assisting you too!

May the Universe surround you with all that your Heart and Soul desire