How To Align The Bagua

Aligning the bagua over a floor plan gives you the information you need to start making the changes that will promote harmony and a beneficial flow of energy within your life and your home.

If you do not already have a floor plan, a simple self-made sketch of it will do. Exact measurements are not required and artistic skills are not necessary. Simply sketch your basic floor plan with proportions as accurate as you can make them. The following is a simple floor plan of a small apartment.


If you are working with an individual room, simply sketch the floor plan for the room. The same can be done for an entire building.

To properly align the bagua, first divide your floor plan into 9 equal sections. It will look like a tic-tac-toe grid over your floor plan when complete.


Next, turn your floor plan, if necessary, so that the main entrance is at the bottom of the page. Then place the bagua next to your floor plan with the Wisdom, Career, & Helpful People areas at the bottom.


In the above example, notice how the bottom of the bagua is aligned with the side of the apartment that contains the main entrance into the apartment.

You may want to label and/or use colored pencils to lightly shade each of the nine areas with the correct colors for easy reference.


In the above example, it is now easy to see that:

  • The main entrance is located in the Career area
  • The kitchen is located in the Wisdom area
  • The living room encompasses multiple areas including
    all of the Family and Wealth areas with a portion of
    the Fame and Health areas
  • The bedroom contains the Relationship area with a portion
    of the Fame, Health, and Creativity areas
  • The bedroom closet falls within the Creativity area
  • The office is located in the Helpful People area and also a
    portion of the Creativity area
  • The small room to the left of the office, the bathroom, is
    located predominantly in the Career area

Once you’ve identified each of the nine Feng Shui areas on your floor plan, it will be easy to locate specific areas that correlate to the areas of your life that you desire to change or improve upon.

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