The Expression of Aquarian Energy

Airy Aquarius is primarily concerned with thought, and the creation of mental images. Incredibly stubborn about its ideas, as well as visionary and progressive, Aquarius is interested in making the world a better place. Aquarius is freedom loving and individualistic. Although Aquarian energy can at times result in erratic behavior, it is never boring. It seeks the unusual in people, ideas and activities, prepared to try anything once.

This sociable sign is at its happiest when in company, preferably pursuing collective objectives. However, it also needs space to be itself and without conscious awareness it can tend toward being cold, aloof, mentally chaotic and overly talkative, as well as dictatorial in trying to impose its own ideas on others.

In close personal relationships Aquarius first and foremost brings friendship. It thrives on the company of others, but due to constant and exhaustive mental activity Aquarius also needs space to be alone and may at times be experienced as being cold or unfeeling. Despite a strong loyalty, partners will rarely be made to feel special, as Aquarius treats all equally.

When in balance, the heart of Aquarian energy is in the right place. It is filled with friendly, kind and compassionate energies. However, it can also be impersonal in dealing with others, trying hard to be fair while avoiding favoritism. Overall, the energy of Aquarius is concerned with friendship, being gregarious and humanitarian, and has a keen ability to think originally. It easily communicates those original ideas with wit and precision.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves rejecting the temptation to rebel for the sake of rebellion. Although Aquarian ideas are always good in theory, they don’t necessarily translate to the real world so a strong dose of pragmatism can make an enormous difference.