Finally Revealed…

Discover Right Now How You Can Easily
Attract the Loving Relationships You Truly Desire


  • Stop Loneliness Dead in His Tracks and Achieve Unity with People You Love
  • Build the Bond You Desire with the Love of Your Life
  • And Finally Secure the Companionship You Crave

…Before You Push the Genuine, Loving Relationships You Yearn for Even Further Away!

Because there is One Unifying Force Between All Energy Points in Your Reality…
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To get your relationship energy moving & keep it moving!

Dear Lonely Friend,

Stop whatever you are doing right now and pay close attention because I am going to share something I’ve never revealed before… a secret that no one talks about and that you must learn to begin to build the lasting bond you desire with the people you love… and even those you don’t.

I am Peg Papanek, but my closest friends including over 5,400 successful clients just call me Peg, and I am the creator of Luna Feng Shui. Why should this matter to you? Because I am going far beyond any love and relationship guide that has ever ventured to tell you the real reason why your relationships have failed… and will continue to fail if you don’t follow the advice I am secretly laying out on this very page.

You see, it was more than 14 years ago when I began to discover these secrets and implement them in my life. Before that I carried a heavy burden (and I don’t mean from too few hours spent at the gym), the passionate drive to alleviate the pain that my closest friends experienced as I saw relationship after relationship fail…

My best friend used to tell me, “You haven’t loved until you’ve felt your heart crushed by someone you thought loved you back,” and we’ve all been there, wouldn’t you agree?

Have you ever missed someone so much you can’t breathe?

Perhaps you are like so many of my clients who laid awake all night, staring at the ceiling, and felt the tears well up, wondering if the heart-wrenching pain would ever go away….

And wake up in blissful peace the next morning, reach over to touch your love and feel the suffocating weight of agony as you realize that they are gone…

You’ve compromised until you’re blue in the face, made sacrifices, in fact, you might agree when I say you’ve probably bent over backwards in order to see eye-to-eye and fully understand the needs of the person you so desperately loved…who just couldn’t do the same to love you back.

Maybe your relationship problems lead you to believe that right now you struggle finding true friends, reconnecting with distant family members, or spicing up a dull, used-to-be romantic relationship?

No Matter Your Relationship Worries…One Thing Stands True Above All Else

You Feel an Unbridgeable Canyon… A Severe Emotional Distance

As you sit here reading this I know you can remember that time…the time I’ve faced with so many of my clients, that undying ache that just won’t go away.

You begin to wonder…

Is it me?

Am I too………?

And maybe you are like so many of my now successful clients and are considering changing who you are at your very core because you are faced with the unshakable feeling that you must do something, right now, to repair your broken relationships or find new, nurturing, loving ones…

Relationships that just feel more natural…

And if you are like many people, release the relationships that you “just keep around” because you’d rather spend time with someone who poisons your life than allow the soul-searing loneliness to creep in…

Wouldn’t you love to finally learn how to rid your life of that gnawing ache forever?

Stop for a moment and just imagine how amazing your life would be if you squelched the lonely ache in your heart and discovered new, breathtaking, phenomenal relationships that made you feel like you were bathed in joyful luminescence…

Can you imagine a place so beautiful, so enriching, so emotionally fulfilling that every one of your relationships just naturally became overflowing with love, peace, and true collaboration?

I believed in the deepest part of my soul that I would find the answer… I would see it plain as day, plain as the nose on your face, an answer that would resonate with people just like you who yearn to quickly find love in your life…

Unknowingly, you could be inviting the very conditions that . . .

Keep You Stuck,
Create Endless Frustration and Cause Emotional Pain

You know the kind I mean. For all of your deepest desires and unreachable dreams you realize that something (maybe you don’t know what yet) is holding you back. You can’t seem to break through this invisible force, no matter how HARD you try.

Perhaps you are like so many others I see every day who are lost, and feel hopeless. Your nose is still to the grindstone, and you keep plugging away believing that working harder than ever will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

You struggle more in personal relationships, you can’t seem to reach those you love with words or actions that resonate with them. They don’t feel loved; in fact, they may even tell you that they feel neglected.

Seeing my friends face struggle time and time again drove my curiosity…I yearned for the day when I had the answer to soothe their heartache and take away their pain.

Please understand that finding this answer, discovering these secrets…

it wasn’t an overnight revelation.

In fact, I only discovered the secrets to attracting love into your life, when I was motivated by a torrid relationship crash so devastating that it sucked the breath right out of my chest. Soap operas had nothing on this drama…

And you probably already know that I am so protective of my friends that this must be kept confidential so let’s just call her Sarah. Sarah lost three of the closest people in her life in one giant swoop… yes, less than 24 hours.

You see, Sarah had been dating a guy she knew since high school who we will call Jake.

Jake and Sarah had been dating for more than three years, and knew each other’s families well. Sarah believed that Jake would propose soon; in fact, she believed it so much that she began planning their wedding…

One day, Sarah and I decided to visit one of our best friends bridal shops to look for that perfect dress for her soon-to-be-made-real wedding, and little did she know her world was about to come to a tragic halt because right there, in front of Sarah, was Jake kissing our best friend, the owner of the bridal store…

You might think you know what happened next… but you’d hardly believe it to be true unless you were there.

Sarah lost the man whom she believed to be the love of her life.

One of her closest friends.

And yes, her job, all in one day.

Because Sarah had a block… and when she focused on how bad things were, things just got worse…

You’ve probably heard of this “magic in action” before… manifestation?

You see, we don’t only manifest the good things that we focus on… we also manifest the not-so-good (or in Sarah’s case, horrific) things we give our focus to as well.

At this point in the story you are probably expecting me to tell you that Sarah magically turned her life around because she began to leverage the power of the law of attraction…

I’m sorry to say, that’s not true.

You see, and I am sure that so many of you can relate to this, no matter how many times Sarah did all of her “guru’s” manifestation exercises she remained stuck.

Affirmations, vision boards, chants, you name it, it wasn’t working for Sarah.

Can you imagine how you would feel right now if you saw your friends relationship dissolve overnight because of what seemed like her tenth heart-break in a row…

The more I thought about why these three relationships in Sarah’s life had failed, the more I realized that it wasn’t just three.

Every Relationship In Sarah’s Life Seemed Rocky… At One Time or Another.

I became curious. No, curious is the wrong word. I became driven to discover exactly why the law of attraction worked for so many others, and yet Sarah remained miserable, destined to fail in virtually every relationship she touched. Romantic, family, friendships…

And then I found something I thought to be very interesting. You see, my best friend, amazing as she is, and as hard as she tried had a BLOCK.

Just like you do, just like I did, and just like the thousands of clients I’ve helped to find real love, success, abundance and happiness had before they begin to implement the easy to follow techniques outlined in Luna Feng Shui.

I know you know it’s true.

Why else would your relationships fail time after time?

So how did Sarah’s and my relationship stay in the melting pot and out of the fire?

I didn’t struggle with this same block which is why I managed to always stay in her good graces… at least one of us had the perfect, positive, relationship building energy flowing to us all of the time. But why?

Now you finally understand why I created this powerful program. When I discovered this secret, the secret to easily melt away the blocks and allow the energy to flow again, I knew I had to bring this to you. To the world.

By now you are wondering what this powerful energy is and how you can master channeling this energy into your home to experience the true connection with friends, family, and your dream lover right now.

I can guarantee you that Luna Feng Shui is NOT

  • Yet Another Play on Vision Boards
  • The Same, Useless, Mind-Numbing Affirmations
  • Another Way to Minimize Your Heartache with EFT
  • Or A Spiced Up Version of Chakra Healing

Or many of the other techniques that are incorrectly taught and used by so many around the world.

This new knowledge, this is far more powerful because you don’t have to KNOW what your block is (the trickiest part of any law of attraction clearing exercise), you just need to follow the easy to implement changes as instructed, and in just a few short hours your home will begin to look and feel amazing. Plus you will begin to see your relationships magically and naturally rebuild…in fact you will quickly discover yourself finding new, better ones!

In fact, Luna Feng Shui allows you to do so much more!

What if you could easily…

  • Attract the connection you crave with the love of your life
  • Achieve greater harmony and unshakable balance in the relationships you have right now
  • Magnify the beauty of your currently struggling relationships
  • Magnetize your energy so that you begin to attract friends like never before
  • Create the warm, loving, nurturing environment you so desperately desire
  • Discover how to love yourself, become more self-aware, and skyrocket your self-esteem
  • Draw in your perfect clients and maximize your return on business relationships
  • Feel your heart expand as you achieve new heights and realize your true ability to give and receive love

I know you are still wondering what happened to Sarah. Did she make it out of her relationship rut? Did she ever discover how to find true happiness? Succeed in building relationships?

You’re going to feel amazing when you see how easily Sarah was able to change course and begin to easily manifest the loving, fulfilling relationships she truly desired.

I’m not going to say that it happened overnight, because she was resistant to what I had discovered at first.

Sarah Had to Grab Hold of The Reins, And Leverage the Power of Luna Feng Shui.

Sarah Succeeded in Attracting the Relationships of Her Dreams
Because She Took Inspired Action

What I will say is that she was amazed at how quickly (in fact in just a few short weeks) she began to build new relationships, and even rekindle old ones.

And the more Sarah began to put these easy to follow techniques into practice, the more she realized that her dreams (even her dream of rekindling a relationship with an old flame) came true.

Within a year Sarah was happily married, running her own company full of people that she loved seeing every day, and even looking forward to her future as a new mommy, the unshakeable relationship that so many of us truly desire!

It’s not important that your life is an exact reflection of Sarah’s.

In fact, You don’t need to be searching for Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right now (and if you are, I know this will work for you).

You don’t need to be dying of despair or drowning in loneliness.

You don’t need to be struggling in your business.

And you don’t even need to be caught up in the often unstable throws of parenting a teenager for this to work for you.

If you are human and you have relationships, Luna Feng Shui will work for you!

It’s not important what KIND of love you want to attract, what’s important is that we could all use more love, friends, and satisfaction in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

As you consider the passion Luna Feng Shui will breathe back into relationships that have gone sour, you might like to consider this…

Luna Feng Shui teaches you how to effortlessly allow the energy of the moon (the energy that you are wrongfully controlling, or blocking right now) to do more than just heal relationships from your past, and build amazing new ones!

When you harness the energy that Luna Feng Shui will drive through your front door today you will begin to experience…

Amazing shifts in abundance… more wealth that you can share right now with the ones you love!

PLUS You’ll Begin to Effortlessly

  • Achieve Streak-Free Clarity and Secure Peace of Mind
  • Create Financial Security for You and Your Loved Ones
  • Finally Find the Love You’ve Only Dreamed About Until Now
  • Revel in Recognition and See the Rewards of All of Your Efforts
  • Expand Your Circle of Friends and Maximize the Joy You Receive from Your Circle of Influence
  • Create Powerful and Profound Shifts in Your Life

We Can All Agree that…

Clarity + Peace of Mind
+ Financial Security
+ Love
+ Amazing Interpersonal and Business Relationships
= Powerful and Profound Shifts in Your Reality

What Does This All Mean for You?

Unlimited Universal Abundance in Every Relationship
You Attract into Your Life

Sooner or later you’ll realize that you can…with ease.

You see with Luna Feng Shui you’ll learn to apply time tested techniques that virtually guarantee your success

PLUS you’ll discover how to supercharge your efforts using Cosmic Energies in conjunction with the cycles of the moon.

You deserve an easy, in-the-cosmic-flow life full of radiant positive energy so that you can achieve the perfect unity you desire in every relationship, wouldn’t you agree?

Now You Can Easily Enjoy Your Harmonious Balance

When you arrange everything around you in accordance with the Luna Feng Shui teachings, you achieve inner harmony and outer abundance. You see the results you’ve been dreaming about for years. Blocks magically dissolve so quickly that you’ll think more than twice about what you ever would have done if you hadn’t discovered these amazing secrets today….

You quickly realize that your years of hard work are far behind you and

you’ll never have to face that unbearable, unfulfilling loneliness again…

Because you’ve discovered how to easily harness the unseen energies that you must use to be in the flow of the moon’s energy…the energy that creates the loving relationships you desire!

Your home, office, and every place you walk is now abuzz with positively charged people, people you love to be around, people who inspire you, motivate you, encourage you every day. People who truly love being a part of your life!

Imagine . . . living in such a positively charged atmosphere that brings you boundless energy, incredible health, abundance, financial wealth, and happiness.

By now you realize you can master this energy and take full advantage of it. Starting Luna Feng Shui today will help you increase your awareness of the energy around you but being aware is only HALF of the battle. You must leverage the powerful and time-tested techniques in Luna Feng Shui as soon as possible to realize your dreams.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to shift your energy to attract the satisfying, mutually beneficial relationships you crave?

Are You Ready to Get Your Relationship Energy Moving
…And KEEP It Moving?

…And KEEP It Moving!

By Following the Life Directing Cycles of the Moon Every 2 Weeks for a Full Year,

Luna Feng Shui will show you…

  • How to reach relationship success with the exact times of the day to make Feng Shui improvements… get this wrong and you’re missing out on loads of the powerful energy that is available to you.
  • What the new moon really signifies for your relationships, and how you can use this to attract new friendships (perhaps the love of your life?)
  • One powerful Feng Shui item that has been used for centuries to attract wealth and prosperity that you can share with those you love! You probably have this “secret tool” sitting by you as you read this but the way you are using it is repelling your deepest desires!
  • How to manifest That One Relationship you know you need to feel fulfilled– just by placing this well-known Eastern plant in this special ‘power’ area of your home.
  • One Simple Shift to attract the loving relationships you crave and finally fulfill your burning desire to make an intimate connection.
  • Instantly Begin to Boost your Self-esteem and gain the confidence you’ve always wanted… in a crowd, in personal relationships, and at home.
  • How to achieve a sense of balance in everything you do, developing the same stability successful people use to create endless abundance in their lives.
  • Guidance that you require to attract relationships that will allow you to easily advance your career, reach your goals and develop communication right now.
  • Develop physical, emotional and spiritual health to effortlessly guide you through your profound Luna Feng Shui awakening and into the warm, fulfilling relationships you truly desire.
  • How to tap into your natural spontaneity, awaken your inner child, and create a permanent feeling of being “young at heart” so that everyone wants to be around your new, vibrant self!

Starting right now, every week for a full year you’ll receive…

Clear, Plus Oh So Easy to Follow
Step-by-Step Instructions on
How To Manifest Your Desires

“Hi, my name is Nancy Opgaard and I am an Advanced Feng Shui Energy Master.

Luna Feng Shui provides the opportunity for anyone who uses it to create a highly energized environment. One that will support them in the pursuit of their dreams, while having fun doing it!

What I like most about the Luna Feng Shui program is that it is very accessible to everyone, no matter what the level of their understanding of Feng Shui. The information that subscribers receive is unique in its format, applicable in any circumstance, very accurate, and easy to understand. One of the best aspects of the program is its simplicity.

This program is of great value because it combines the phases of the moon with the bagua. To my knowledge, there is no other program available like it.

As a teacher, what I find most appealing about the program is that a person does not need to have an extensive knowledge of Feng Shui to implement all of the “rules & tools” of Feng Shui.

This program is of benefit to anyone and everyone.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I highly recommend this program because it helps people to continually practice the principles of Feng Shui on a regular basis without needing to rely on a consultant.

It provides an easy method to assist everyone in living to their fullest potential, to live a life of joy & freedom.

Nancy OpgaardAdvanced Feng Shui Energy Master

Wouldn’t You Love to Drop Your Desperation and Realize Your True Power to Attract Exactly What Your Heart Desires Just Like Nancy?

Now You Can! In Fact…

You’ll learn all about Feng Shui the fun, easy, and hands-on way.

You’ll learn what Cosmic Energies are at play and how you can easily use them to your advantage!

You Can Stop Worrying and Relax Right Now Because with Luna Feng Shui…

You don’t need any special skills. Your brief reports every 2 – 5 days will contain clear, easy to understand instructions.

You don’t need any special equipment. You have everything you need to shift energy, when combined with your instructions.

The process can be done in as little as 15 minutes once every 14 days and the more time you spend, the greater the impact.

If you take action today, you’ll also receive bonus Feng Shui resources, worth over $100, absolutely FREE:

Fast Action Bonus #1

The ‘Secret’ Law of Feng Shui Attraction (The Book I Know You’ll Love Because EVERY One of My Clients Recommends It Constantly!)   $47.00

The Law of Feng Shui Attraction

Learn how Feng Shui relates to the Law of Attraction

  • How to use simple elements to transform the energy of your living environment
  • Amplify the process of attracting what you desire through the awesome power of your mind

Fast Action Bonus #2

7 Unusual and Powerful Feng Shui Cures (You Probably Don’t Know!)   $19.95

7 Unusual & Powerful Cures

  • Power packed with 7 unusual and very powerful cures for transforming the energy of your living environment
  • Take these simple steps and start attracting what you desire out of life!

Fast Action Bonus #3

The 5 Elements Revealed   $35.00

The 5 Elements Revealed

Learn what the Chinese knew over 3000 years ago in simple, easy-to-read language…

  • How to recognize the presence of elements and how they interact
  • How to use them in your living environment for your greatest benefit
  • Quick reference guide helps you easily adjust the energy of your space fast!

Fast Action Bonus #4

Luna Feng Shui Starter’s Guide   $17.00

The Starter's Guide

  • Understand the basic step you’ll be taking to get the energy in your life moving
  • Gain clarity on how this program will rapidly turn your life around
  • Learn how you’ll be transforming your living space into a manifestation machine that works 24/7 helping you obtain what you desire!

Together, these four books are nothing less than your complete
action guide to Luna Feng Shui!

We sell these four books together every day for over $100 — But they’re yours FREE when you start Luna Feng Shui today.

What’s more, these four bonus books are available for immediate download,
so you can get started on your pathway to amazing, quality filled, and loving relationships.

You’ll have greater wealth to share with those you love, boundless health and energy so that you can keep up with your new social life, and even endless abundance in every area when you begin to master Luna Feng Shui in the next two minutes.

Are You Ready to Get Your Relationship Energy Moving
…And KEEP It Moving?

Get the energy moving & keep it moving!

“Thank you, thank you for bringing me the Luna Feng Shui program!! I LOVE it!

It helps me tune in to the energy of my home and focus my intentions on a regular basis. It’s amazing the way my intentions have evolved with consistent practice!

The information provided is concise, direct, and easy-to-follow. The content is rich with Feng Shui tips – it’s like getting a Feng Shui lesson with each new and full moon!

This has been a great way to keep me focused on my journey, even when life gets too busy. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Jill M.Woodbury, CT

“Having the Luna Feng Shui reports really helps keep me centered with the crazy world around us.

I did the Power Activation steps this morning and I’m already getting wonderful results! I love keeping my home and life cleared and blessed with Luna Feng Shui. Thank you Peg!”

Mimi W.Austin, TX

You Should Be Excited By How Easily Jill and Mimi Realized their Dreams Along their Journey with Luna Feng Shui Because You Will Too!

“At first I didn’t think I’d be “qualified” to practice this art as I knew so little about it. However, my doubts were quickly released when I read my first Luna Feng Shui report.

It was put in such easy to understand terms that I could actually feel the energy amp up with each word I read! The description of what each area of my home represents and the ways to activate the positive energies available to me are clear and engaging and so easy to follow.

With each new and full moon, my home gets brighter and the positive shifts in my life and my outlook are immeasurable.
I feel happier and more confident. My husband even notices the difference!”

Alex P.Marblehead, MA

Wouldn’t You Love to Experience a Life Filled With
Amped Up Positive Energy Every Day Just Like Alex?

“Love the info – already getting results!

Things appear to be moving smoothly from this end with a nice rhythm. I really like keeping the energy moving this way, and I like paying more attention to the moon.

Thanks for moving forward with this! We all (and the planet) need it!”

Deb R.Bloomington, MN

Deb Experienced Incredible Results Quickly, Easily, and Effortlessly
Her Life Now Simply Flows…
Shouldn’t Yours?

“Luna Feng Shui has done beautiful things for my life.

When practicing Luna Feng Shui, not only am I clearing a space in my home for improved energy flow, but it clears my own spirit, re-energizing me so I can start fresh with a sense of freedom every time.

It opens a doorway so that all the love, light, joy, and inspiration that the Universe has to offer can come surging straight through to nourish my soul. I recommend everyone try Luna Feng Shui at least once; you’ll be hooked!”

Castle Y.Norfolk, CT

Castle Experienced…

Cleared Her Spirit
And Even Re-Energized
To Gain an Unstoppable Feeling of Personal Freedom!

“Luna Feng Shui brings me a heightened awareness to the energy around the full and new moon times.

Otherwise, although wanting to pay attention, daily weekly monthly busy lives keep oneself from noticing those times. It also gives me a chance to focus on how I want to re-focus my life in a very organized manner.

There’s nothing hard to understand or to do. It is absolutely easy, all of it! It is keeping my awareness of feng shui to the fore of my focus in an ongoing manner. I’m really enjoying the energy awareness. Thanks for that.”

Paulette G.Eden Prairie, MN

“As is so often the case, it is the simple, time-honored elements of my life that bring about the deepest, sustained joy. Taking time to step back from the chaos of the world and welcoming positive energy into my life has been life-changing.

Thank you for reminding and then guiding me to harness all the positive power that is always awaiting me in the universe.

Life is simply and joyfully lived with the proven assets available via Luna Feng Shui.”

Joel H.New York, NY

“I really enjoy the information and find it to be extremely helpful. Thank you!”

Sylvia S.Austin, TX

“I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!

You were one of the few people to help (with your positivity, encouragement and Luna Feng Shui advice) with all the hurdles we’ve faced with our education and careers over the past couple of years. People would tell us it was too difficult to get into the specialized program and that we should just give up our dream and switch careers.

I’ve been going through your reports and doing all the things mentioned there for the past few weeks whenever I’ve had free time. Not only does the house look a lot better now and is easier to keep clean, it makes me happier to be in it.

I know following the Luna Feng Shui instructions must’ve helped us out with our problem because we just got the call bearing the good news that we’ve been waiting so long for! YAY! Thank you!”

Neema A.Ontario, Canada

In just minutes, you too can share in this power and energy, because you have my
“You Will Experience Powerful Results” . . .

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Full Money Back

My policy couldn’t be easier!

You Can Try Luna Feng Shui Now, 100% Risk Free
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If for some reason this program doesn’t enhance your home and your life after you’ve given it your very best shot for 8 weeks, I promise you that I will hand back every penny you’ve invested into creating loving, meaningful, fulfilling… AMAZING relationships in every area of your life. Plus I really want you to keep all of the bonuses because I Know They Work!

So Even if You are the First Who Hasn’t Benefited Massively from Luna Feng Shui, You can keep all of the program materials and information you have received just for taking the next guaranteed step to reach success.

Take 2 full months to decide!

I guarantee you will feel amazing energy coursing through your whole life, go beyond surviving to thriving, and experience incredible mind-at-peace harmony.

In Fact, You Have My Personal Karma Risking promise to deliver Powerful life-changing Luna Feng Shui lessons and if I don’t, email my team for a full refund on the spot.

No questions, no conditions – it’s as simple as that!

Your purchase is absolutely risk free!

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And, not a moment too soon, your first power packed Luna Feng Shui report will arrive with information on the powerful upcoming Cosmic Energies.

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Yes Please Peg!

I’m ready to powerfully kick my life up a notch!

Please send me my four Luna Feng Shui Bonuses worth over $100 immediately, followed by my regular lesson installments direct to my inbox every 3 to 5 days, all in perfect time with the moon cycle.

I realize all I must do is follow this simple, life-changing guidance every few days to read and implement the magical relationship attracting techniques you provide.

For only $47 $35 $27 a month you will receive…

  • A full one-year subscription to this power packed, life enhancing program!
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