The Bagua

The Bagua is one of the principle tools used in Feng Shui to determine how to maximize the beneficial flow of energy throughout living environments and work spaces. It is much like a treasure map that will help you to identify which areas to work with to obtain the results in your life that you desire.

Feng Shui Bagua

With time you will experience the benefits of using Feng Shui and the bagua as a powerful Law of Attraction and manifestation tool. You’ll also gain a much deeper level of understanding of just how much your environment has had an impact upon your life experiences.

The 9 different areas of the bagua

Wealth Area

The wealth area has an impact on your prosperity, abundance, and ability to accumulate wealth. It is associated with good fortune and the universal flow of abundance. It relates to your personal power and your ability to attract the good things in life. Associated with joy, optimism, and satisfaction with life, this area also relates to your sense of gratitude and appreciation for the gifts that life presents you. The color purple and the Wood element are associated with this area.

Fame Area

The fame area is associated with public attention, fame, your reputation, and integrity. It represents how you are seen by society, friends, neighbors, peers, and your community. It also has an effect upon your clarity of purpose and level of self-respect. It represents the vision you hold for yourself within the world, your goals, and how you plan for the future. The color red and the Fire element are associated with this area.

Relationship Area

The relationship area is associated with love, partnerships, and all relationships—platonic, professional, and romantic. It symbolizes your ability to give and receive love including the ability to love, nurture, and care for yourself. It has an effect upon your ability to attract all types of new relationships into your life. The color pink and the Earth element are associated with this area.

Creativity Area

The creativity area represents your future and progress in life. It symbolizes your creative ideas, your imagination, and has an effect upon your ability to experience fun in life. It is also associated with the physical creation of children and has an impact on the health, well-being and progress of your children. The color white and the Metal element are associated with this area.

Helpful People Area

The helpful people area is associated with the people you find helpful in your life–those who stand by you no matter what–friends, good neighbors, supportive staff, and charitable organizations. It symbolizes all visible and invisible support you receive as well as your willingness to give to others unconditionally. It is also associated with safe and easy travel opportunities. Light pastels and the color gray along with the Metal Element are associated with this area.

Career Area

The career area has an impact on what you most desire to achieve. Symbolizing the path you take through life, it is associated with success and your life purpose in more general terms, as well as with your career. It influences how money flows within your life whether earned through work, investments, inheritance, or any other means. The color black and the Water element are associated with this area.

Wisdom Area

The wisdom area represents the knowledge and “knowing” contained within. It is concerned with introspection, self-reflection, and quiet contemplation. It symbolizes higher thought, insight, self-cultivation, meditation, both personal and spiritual growth, and the skill sets that are necessary to accomplish these things. The color blue and the Earth element are associated with this area.

Family Area

The family area represents the significant people in your life including parents, family members, ancestors, mentors, teachers, or authority figures. It has an effect upon your sense of community and belonging. Its energy is very much influenced by your past. It also symbolizes life’s daily necessities such as rent and food and the ease with which you move through daily life. The color green and the Wood element are associated with this area.

Health Area

The health area is considered to be the heart of a room or building. It is associated with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and influences the health of all occupants. It is the area where the energy of all nine Feng Shui areas converge, connect, and unify. Issues not falling under the categories of the other 8 areas can be addressed here. The color yellow and the Earth Element are associated with this area.

How to Align The Bagua with a Floor Plan

Aligning the bagua over a floor plan gives you the information you need to start making the changes that will promote harmony and a beneficial flow of energy within your life and your home.