The Expression of Cancerian Energy

As a water sign, Cancer is filled with highly emotional and nurturing energy. It needs a solid and harmonious base to retire to from the stresses of life. A mixture of toughness and softness, Cancer offers unreserved love and loyalty.

The energy of Cancer is concerned with instinctive reactions and is extremely intuitive. It hates to feel pinned down and a strong need for self-protection makes it hard to break through its shell. It seeks familiarity and comfort, and is happiest when feeling loved and protected.

Although on the surface Cancer is formidable – thick-skinned, unemotional, uncompromising and purposeful – below the surface lies a depth of sympathy. Such a deep understanding of human nature can make it tempting to play emotional games in order to test those closest.

As a cardinal sign, Cancer is extremely active, tenacious and resourceful. However, it attracts experiences and is prepared to take advantage of opportunities rather than creating circumstances independently.

In its positive expression it is imaginative, sensitive, caring, gentle and understanding. However, without conscious awareness, it can be moody, selfish, irritable and over-sensitive to imagined insults, focused selfishly on its own needs.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves learning how to regulate and control the thoughts and emotions. Being subject to the mood of the moment, Cancer behaves accordingly. To use Cancer’s energy effectively, it is necessary to develop a tough outer shell in order to protect the soft and vulnerable inner self from damage. Cancer is inherently cautious and needs to move slowly toward its goal of bringing into conscious awareness subconscious factors and emotions, using its sensitivity in a productive manner.