The Expression of Capricorn Energy

Capricorn is extremely goal oriented, prepared to put enormous energy into achieving its objectives. Every step along the way to success is perfectly planned and grounded in reality. Hard working Capricorn has a businesslike approach to everything. Blessed with plenty of patience, it avoids making waves and employs more than its fair share of common sense.

The energy of Capricorn is stable, industrious, trustworthy, loyal, serious and excellent at any kind of organizing. Highly pragmatic, Capricorn is disciplined enough to wait for precisely the right moment to act. Once in motion, Capricorn will not be deterred.

Preferring the tried and true, Capricorn is a conventional sign and seeks structure and support to manifest its aspirations and affirm its place. Traditional values and inherited resources are the building blocks for its growth. Calm and self assured on the surface, Capricorn hides its powerful energy until it can be channeled in the right direction for maximum impact.

Without conscious awareness it can tend toward being pessimistic and over demanding, miserly, cold and opportunistic for prestige. Not a particularly emotional sign, Capricorn can appear cool and dispassionate.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves affirming its appreciation for the absurd and ironic, and using its immaculate sense of timing and wry humor to get the best from any situation.