Clear That Clutter!


Clearing clutter is one of the most crucial aspects of Feng Shui. Clutter is very detrimental to the healthy, free flowing movement of energy through your living or working space. You can think of clutter as a low vibrational, grimy, stagnant build-up of energy-much like stagnant swamp water.

If you find that you’re surrounded by clutter, the energy around you just isn’t going to flow to your benefit. The more clutter you accumulate, the more sluggish the flow of energy. Given time, this stagnant energy can be the source of serious problems.

And, if you think that you’re in the clear because your clutter is neatly organized and hidden away in a cupboard or closet, you are mistaken. There are no boundaries to the energies around you and even if a closet door is tightly locked its contents can still drain energy from a room and affect the energy of your life.

Some of the negative side-effects of clutter include:

  • increased stress and worry
  • decreased personal energy level
  • lack of focus
  • difficulty finding clarity
  • depression and irritability
  • feeling “stuck”, trapped or overwhelmed
  • feeling like you never have enough time

Clearing out clutter is one of the fastest, most quick-acting and effective ways to transform the energy of your living environment. By letting go of clutter, you will literally create an energetic space for better things to come your way.

What is considered clutter?

Clutter is anything that you’re not using or that is lying around where it doesn’t belong – such as a hammer in your bedroom or a coffee cup in the bathroom. It could be an item that you never use and that you’re keeping “just in case” or something that you meant to repair but forgot about.

Bottom line: If you don’t love it, need it or want it, it’s clutter. If it makes you feel bad every time you look at it (for example, that horror of a vase that your aunt bought you), it’s clutter. If it’s a big pile of books or magazines that you never got around to reading or putting away, it’s considered clutter.

Where should you start?

The most difficult aspect to clearing clutter is deciding where to start. Many times people feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to deal with the piles of stuff they don’t know what to do with.

Not sure where to start? The kitchen and/or medicine cabinet can be a particularly easy place to ignite your clutter clearing endeavors because many products have an expiration date. This can make it much easier to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. And, while pitching expired products into the trash may seem simple enough, don’t underestimate its power to influence the energy of the rest of your space.

Potential benefits of clearing clutter:

  • increased energy level
  • greater clarity in life
  • improved health
  • lifted spirits and emotional balance
  • ease of finding what you need when you need it
  • more space to live in
  • feeling great about your space
  • a home that feels “lighter & brighter”
  • development of “Prosperity Consciousness”

Many times people don’t deal with their clutter because they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t want to throw away something that cost money or might be useful someday. If you fall into this category of people it is important for you to understand what is behind such thinking.

Every time you have these kinds of thoughts you support “poverty consciousness”. The underlining message to your subconscious mind is that you do not have enough money to purchase what you need when you need it or that you just don’t have the luxury or freedom to spend money the way you would like to. In essence, every time you have these thoughts you diminish the development of “Prosperity Consciousness” or the belief that you may have what you need, want, or desire.

Areas of Importance

  • Your Bedroom – Reducing the stagnant energy of clutter within your bedroom is highly important because you spend a large part of life sleeping there. When asleep, one’s energy field is wide open and very susceptible to the energy of its surroundings. A clutter free bedroom can go a long way to ensuring a better quality of sleep which will help you in all aspects of your life.
  • Your main entrance/doorway – This is an important area to ensure is clutter free. If the main door, porch, or hallway is blocked by clutter, new energy coming through the door will be diminished and won’t have the opportunity to reach the rest of your home. Also, the space that greets you when you first enter your home has an immediate effect upon your energy.
  • The Center of Your Space – Another area to place your focus is the center of your home which is akin to the center of a wheel where all the spokes connect. Clearing clutter here and keeping this area clean can have a beneficial impact on your entire life including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of well-being.
  • Areas Where You Spend Time – Make a list of the areas of your home where you spend the most amount of time as they should also be high on your priority list. The energy of these areas has an impact upon you and your life for better or worse. Why not get the energy in these areas working in your favor? Soon you’ll find your life taking a new and better direction.

Staying clutter free

Once you’ve tackled your clutter, the way to maintain a space where the energy is able to easily flow to your advantage is to clean and clear up as you go along. If you notice something is out of place, put it where it belongs. That way, you don’t have a huge job to do. Also, consider where you will store things before you buy them.

If you put a little time aside each day to tidy things up and put things away, it will soon become a habit. And remember that when you take care of clutter on a regular basis, you ensure that there is the space and free flowing energy necessary for new and better experiences to come into your life.