Full Moon Energy

Harvest Full Moon

Culmination, Consolidation, Reflection & Preparation

The Energetic Effects of the Full Moon

The Full Moon’s energy is that of a culmination, a peak. As your exuberance and activity increases, you can see the path opening ahead for the next step or stage in your life. The period directly following the Full Moon is an ideal time to consolidate, organize and complete that which you began earlier.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are in opposite astrological signs and this opposition creates the need for greater awareness in seeking balance. Take advantage of this by ridding yourself of things you no longer need. The timing is also perfect for freeing yourself from old limiting belief patterns and outdated ways of thinking.

At the time of the Full Moon, lunar energy is at its most intense. As emotions rise to the surface, you have the opportunity to recognize and embrace them. By accepting what you truly feel, you open the door to releasing the feelings and emotions that no longer benefit or serve you. Changes can then be made.

During the period between the Full and New Moon, the Moon is said to be “waning” as its light decreases night by night. By tuning into this natural cycle, we can rid ourselves of the restraints that have held us back and clear the way for taking new steps along our path.

This is a time to reflect on what has gone before and to review what went right and what needs to be revised. As the energy of the Full Moon rises within you, you can prepare yourself to fully harvest the benefits of what has gone before.