The Expression of Gemini Energy

The energy of Gemini is concerned with communication and gathering information – often simply for the sake of it. Gemini has a strong need to express ideas and flits quickly from one activity to the next, constantly searching for greater stimulation.

Playful and social, Gemini’s energy can at times be superficial, distant and detached in nature leading to spacey, ungrounded or inconsistent behavior. Gemini is eager for excitement and experience. This can lead to restlessness and fickleness, and finally a sense of dissatisfaction that lasts until the next thrill.

Never dull, Gemini represents a search for self through the mental process. On the positive side, this offers intelligence, light-heartedness and fun. However, without some self control it can mutate into nervousness and silliness, unable to find a unifying strength of purpose.

Without conscious awareness, Gemini’s energy can tend toward gossip and being meddlesome. Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves taking advantage of the inherent versatility Gemini offers in order to be more logical, objective, impartial, fair, tolerant and observant.

It’s all too easy for Gemini energy to become too rational, and under its influence it’s easy to talk yourself into what you want to believe rather than what truly is. Emotions tend to be processed through the intellect and can remain unexpressed. The Gemini butterfly needs to fly to the heart as well as the mind for true fulfillment to be possible.