The Expression of Leo Energy

Leo is full of determination and enthusiasm. Glamorous Leo enjoys a life and all its pleasures, gaining pleasure from helping others to enjoy life. Uncomplicated Leo knows what it wants and uses all its energy creativeness and resolution to get it.

The energy of sunny natured Leo is concerned with courage, love, loyalty and generosity. It exudes a natural nobility and inner confidence, inspiring trust, devotion and loyalty.

A healthy supply of tenacity gives Leo the stamina to accomplish things. Although Leo offers the ability to be selfless, it always seeks the spotlight and thrives on praise and appreciation. If there is an easy way out of a situation, it will take it.

Without conscious awareness it can tend toward being stubborn and resistant to change. Leo energy brings a tendency to lie back and lazily bask in one’s own glory. It is all too easy for its warranted pride to turn to vanity and a capricious need for attention, making it easily won over by flattery. Leo energy can also promote vain showing-off as well as egotistical, demanding, hedonistic and attention-seeking behavior.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves taking advantage of the deep passion stirring within. Leo energy also has the tendency to make grand gestures toward loved ones which can occasionally get out of hand. Also, there is no holding back with enemies. That ruthless streak and inherent sense of drama that Leo energy can have often needs to be brought under control.

So long as the Leo energy is allowed to put its individual stamp on what it does, and indulge its creativity, it will deserve the accolades it seeks and will be able to share its confident, warm and affectionate nature.