The Expression of Libra Energy

Libra knows what it wants but rather than being forceful, uses diplomacy and gentle persuasion to get it. Libra’s energy is concerned with being sociable and imaginative. It emphasizes collaboration, wanting to evaluate matters and look at each side of every issue. This leads to a fair approach, but can also result in taking too long to reach a decision.

Always aware of imbalance, Libra directs its energy away from coarseness and disharmony. In trying to avoid cruelty, vulgarity and conflict, it tries hard to cooperate and compromise with everyone. A gift for understanding the emotional needs of companions, coupled with optimism, makes this much easier. Close relationships act as a strong motivating force and Libra’s greatest boon is the skills of negotiation and mediation it brings.

Loving and romantic, charming, pleasant and cooperative, Libra’s energy can be a delight to experience. However, it can also be superficial and insincere, and is capable of manipulating relationships.

Without conscious awareness, Libra finds it hard to deal with intense emotions and brings a tendency to avoid the more unpleasant aspects of relationships, which can potentially lead to the imbalance Libra finds destabilizing.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves combating the fear of making a wrong decision and being prepared to live with any mistakes made. Libra grows by building awareness of the quality of the experience received in relationships and adjusting behavior so that a more harmonious environment is created for everyone.