New Moon Energy

Beginnings, Desire, Intentions, Action & Endless Possibilities

The Energetic Effects of the New Moon

The energy of the new Moon encourages us to define our needs and desires. We are called to start afresh, to make life improvements and to clear whatever has been blocking our progress.

At the time of the New Moon, both the Moon and the Sun are in perfect alignment. As a result they are both in the same astrological sign and this sign determines which cosmic energies are at their most powerful.

This alignment between the Sun and New Moon creates a powerful energy that acts much like a portal to another potential reality. Our connection to spirit and its guidance are powerfully heightened as a conduit is created for the stream of higher consciousness. The possibilities are endless!

Making important decisions, setting goals and taking action are all called for. It’s time to make those phone calls or contacts we’ve been putting off. Initiating proposals, agreements and signing contracts should now result in favorable outcomes.

During the time period between the New and Full Moon, the Moon is said to be “waxing” as its light increases night by night. By tuning into this natural cycle, visualizing and setting intentions for what we desire, we catch the wave of increasing light and align ourselves to the best possible outcomes.

Use the time period of the New Moon to your best advantage – define what you desire, set intentions and visualize the end result, harness the available energies, plant your new seeds, and take action. Keep at it. In time your dreams will become reality!