The Expression of Piscean Energy

Pisces yearns for understanding, glamorizing suffering and martyrdom with an eye always on the romantic ideal. It gathers information through instinct and feeling and is so adaptable that it’s capable of being anything you want it to be. Tuned into a higher purpose, Pisces’ dreams transcend the individual. It has a deep love for humanity, and compassion that knows no bounds. No other sign is as sensitive as Pisces. It believes in people and is deeply hurt by cruelty.

Pisces often withdraws into a dream world in order to better access its creativity. Gentle and malleable, it accepts people for what they are, responding to their needs with sympathy and tact. Its energy is spiritual, romantic, imaginative and creative, unselfish, trusting and never judgmental.

Without conscious awareness, it can tend toward being over dependent, gullible and deceptive and find it hard to keep a grip on reality. Its tendency to be late and absent-mindedness can drive everyone mad. On the surface it appears vulnerable and yet it can also exude a feeling of quiet inner strength that fascinates and attracts everyone it meets.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves addressing the battle between the desire to sacrifice the self for the good of others and the need to use all the resources gathered by others in order to attain personal goals. Pisces tempts the individual to deal with other people’s problems before their own and a degree of healthy selfishness can be more than helpful.