The Expression of Scorpio Energy

Passionate, intense Scorpio is most concerned with being tenacious, strong, sensitive, loyal and creative. Fascinated by mystery, Scorpio seeks to explore the unconscious, bringing it forward to transform and effect change in the world.

It constantly seeks to obtain a deep understanding of the human psyche and to unearth the deepest truth behind everything. Scorpio is surrounded by an air of mystery, and seeks to guard its privacy, knowing that in revealing secrets they are vulnerable to attack and injury.

Scorpio has a seductive quality that draws others in. Its self-control and intense passion can be extremely attractive. The desire to merge with another is powerful and Scorpio energy directs the individual to go to extremes in the power of emotions – whether love or hate. Once a commitment has been made, Scorpio’s devotion is complete. However, betrayal can result in it releasing its full force of hate and fury.

As the destroyer, Scorpio knows that anything which doesn’t stand up to the test of truth must be destroyed for the new to enter.

Knowledge is power to Scorpio and it uses that knowledge for the power of control. Without conscious awareness it can tend toward being destructive, manipulative and jealous, sadistic, secretive, vindictive and ruthless.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves rejecting the idea that power always corrupts and realizing that it is actually powerlessness that corrupts – if you have confidence in your judgment and are allowed to beneficially influence others, power flows freely and safely.