The Expression of Taurus Energy

Solid, practical Taurus is determined and strong willed. Its energy is stable and peaceful, seeking to maintain the security of the status quo. Taurus prefers to follow accepted and reliable patterns of experience, sometimes resulting in rigidity and self righteousness.

Gentle affection and modest behavior are part of the nature of Taurus. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus has a deep love of beauty, luxury and abundance. Its tendency to want to own whatever is admired can result in possessive and clinging behavior.

Powerful and persistent Taurus can push everyone and everything out of its way when in pursuit of a goal. Slow and steady, it works toward its goals, taking each day as it comes. Taurus’s strength lies in its stability, loyalty and dogged determination. There is always the risk that Taurus’ slow, stately progress slows down to a complete stop and changes to lazy self indulgence.

Without conscious awareness, Taurus’ persistence can turn into stubbornness and a refusal to accept change. At times, it is rigid, unoriginal, filled with brooding resentment that its achievements have gone unrecognized.

Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves discovery of ones truest, deepest and highest values. With greater clarity, Taurus no longer feels chained to people and to things that have lesser value. Through determined and steadfast effort, Taurus can make the most of the potential available in any situation.