The Five Elements

Your living environment is filled with a variety of different types of energy. By gaining insight into the workings of nature, the ancient Chinese developed a system of classifying these energies known as The 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Each element has its own unique properties and emanates a distinctive energy.

Water Element Energy

Water Element

The energy of the water element descends and flows downward, wandering while taking the path of least resistance. Gracefully curving, winding and meandering it travels freely.

The water element is represented by deep dark toned colors such as black, charcoal gray and midnight blue. Other representations include water features like fountains, fish tanks or images of water scenes, nautical type items, reflective surfaces such as crystal, mirrors, or glass and shapes that are wavy, curved, smoothly flowing, irregular or lacking precision.

Wood Element Energy

Wood Element

The energy of the wood element is constantly in motion, driven to burst forth with new growth as it expands both upward and outward in all directions. Its energy is vibrant and filled with vitality. It is an expression of abundance, both personal and material growth, as well as success.

The Wood element is represented by the color green in all of its varying shades and tones especially the vibrant light green of new growth. Other representations include anything made of wood, plants and flowers, floral prints, vertical stripes, anything in the shape of an upright rectangle, column, pedestal, or pole and art depicting any of these things.

Fire Element Energy

Fire Element

The energy of the fire element is active, upward, radiating, pulsating, expanding, soaring and peaking with energetic intensity. It not only creates a sense of warmth within an environment but also invigorates while supporting enthusiasm, expansion and passion.

The Fire element is represented by the colors red and orange in all their varying shades and tones. Other representations include lighting, oil, candles, sunlight, fireplaces, things made of leather or wool, triangles, pyramids and angular or zigzag shapes and images as well as art depicting any of these things.

Earth Element Energy

Earth Element

The energy of the earth element is stable, harmonious, firm but not rigid, reliable, still but not stagnant, transforming, gathering and settling. It assists in slowing energy that is moving too fast while promoting a centered and grounded sense of well-being.

The Earth element is represented by the color yellow and all earth-toned colors. Other representations include adobe, bricks, tiles, ceramics, stone, crystals, deserts, rolling meadow lands, mountains, and square, rectangular, horizontal shapes and images as well as art depicting any of these things.

Metal Element Energy

Metal Element

The energy of the metal element is contracting, moves inward, is solidifying, rigid, enduring, strong, organized, precise, exacting, and cutting as it moves toward completion. It helps increase analytical ability, concentration and focus while stimulating the movement of ongoing projects.

The Metal element is represented by metallic colors, gray, silver, white and light pastels. Other representations include items made of metal and circular, spherical, oval, domed, arched and crescent shaped images and patterns, as well as art depicting any of these things.

As the elements interact with one another, they not only affect each other but also have an effect on everything around them. Depending on the energetic balance between the energies, they will either support you or be of detriment to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being.