Moon Lore

Interesting Lore about the Moon

You probably know that the moon effects the tides, but why? Tides are caused by the gravitational interaction between the moon and our planet. The gravitational pull of the moon causes the oceans to be drawn in its direction.

On the opposite side of the Earth, the ocean water is also affected because the Earth is also magnetically drawn to the moon. Because the Earth is constantly rotating on its axis, this is why there are two tides each day.

Did you also know gardeners rely on the moon for information? The gravitational pull of the moon not only effects large bodies of water like the ocean but also smaller bodies of water, such as the moisture in the soil.

When the moisture level is at its highest during a full moon, tests have shown that newly-planted seeds absorb more water and thus tend to be more hearty and healthy. This is called “lunar planting.”

Ever hair enthusiasts use the moon to determine when to get a haircut! Again, hair has more moisture at certain times of the month and less moisture at others. Therefore, if you want to slow the growth of your hair, get it cut sometime between the full moon and the new moon. To encourage your hair’s growth, get it cut between the new moon and the full moon.

Yeast also becomes more active as the moon “waxes” or gets bigger. Because of this, the best time to bottle champagne is right before a full moon. As the yeast contributes to the fermentation of the champagne, this little trick can make your champagne stronger.

With wine, on the other hand, it is best to bottle it immediately after the full moon. Bottling wine at this time is thought to help the wine “settle” as all energies are on the decline after the full moon.

While we’re on the subject of alcohol, ever wondered where the name “moonshine” comes from? It is not because the illegal distilled alcohol is made furtively by moonlight; it is because the moon is believed to alter your state of mind, much like the beverage itself.

Phases of the Moon

Does the moon really alter your state of mind? Well, the word “lunacy” does originate from “lunar,” which means having to do with the moon. The University of Miami studied this phenomenon by reviewing data from the Dade County police. After reviewing 15 years’ worth of homicide statistics, psychologist Arnold Lieber saw that incidences of homicides rose with the full and new moons and fell during the first and last quarters of the moon. Other studies have concluded the same.

The moon affects much more than just this—the moon tells deer when to begin “rutting” (breeding season). The moon determines ovulation in many species. Women who have already had at least one child are most likely to deliver subsequent children on full moons.

As if all of this isn’t enough, a full moon amplifies the electrical charge in all living cells. Yes, that the moon affects each and every one of us!