The Expression of Virgo Energy

Virgo is grounded, and happy to remain in the background, offering support where it’s needed. As a mutable sign, Virgo is balanced and fair in its assessment of any situation.

The energy of Virgo is concerned with being industrious, methodical and efficient. Fastidious to a fault, it loves good order and is observant and shrewd. However, such a strong grip on reality can make Virgo appear emotionally cold. In its positive expression Virgo is precise, dependable, helpful and kind, but it is also capable of being manipulative, nervous and underhanded.

Virgo has considerable charm and dignity. It is intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical. Appreciating so many different points of view can make it hard to accept philosophical concepts and have confidence in the conclusions it reaches. Responsibility worries Virgo and it can find it hard to trust people.

Without conscious awareness, Virgo can tend toward being picky, critical and judgmental, but that attention to detail can be turned to productive use. Care needs to be taken that its tendency toward worrying doesn’t get out of hand.

Virgo promotes the need to be needed as well as the ability to stand up for others while downplaying its own needs. Accessing a higher expression of its energy involves using its analytical and reasoning abilities to realize that the perfection it seeks may not always be attainable. Sometimes, good enough really will be good enough and perfection is only an illusion in the eye of the beholder.